I found this old cooking pot and decided to fit the parts inside of it - It looked odd and dangerous, but somehow appealing. at any speed. You typically want to minimize current while cruising, so that you are "sipping" power from your batteries, and in turn have a long range per charge. I can use this cycle to drive all over locally, and head to the next town over and back on one charge. There's lots of those out there and you can show off the motor and batteries. After some time on the road, we decided to make some modifications. Acceleration away from a stop for city use is very nice. 48 volts is right on the border of what is generally considered low-voltage or not. I once got my finger pinched between the chain and back sprocket when I was adjusting the chain. The UPS is rated for 2200 watts, enough to run any heavy corded drill or other shop tool. Still, you really can't beat an actual, physical object in your hands. It needs airflow as it gets warm, so try not to put it in a cramped spot that’s fully enclosed. Motocycles are powerful, heavy enough to hurt if they fall on you, have chains and sprockets, and run on electricity by the time we are done with it. This was really no different. electrically driven and clutch &gear mechanism to control torque and speed so that i could ballance power and long range issue ...And also i would like introduce two battery so that one could charge while other is discharging i know this will be practically difficult to achieve but i wish to build one ... Hey there, I'm doing this now, with an old 1991 Kawasaki Ninja, and I am a little uneasy about the welding. Motorcycle Electronics ( 16 ) Dual USB Power Outlet w/ Handlebar Clamp. I notched the edge of the gas tank to make it clear the top batteries. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Item # 030-0165. Battery manufacturers provide information on the preferred rate of charge and voltage points for their batteries. diy cat bed under chair table tray These small jewelry boxes sell from $65 to $95, depending on the wood. In real-world driving tests, the single-charge range of the cycle came to 23 miles if I drove full-tilt, and 32 if I was doing easy acceleration and in the city 25 mph zones. It's not the be all end all of safety, it just helps. An elevated vehicle could easily become unbalanced while working on it, falling off the stand, damaging the motorcycle or landing on you, your other projects, or someone you love.Use your multimeter correctly. Now is a good time to paint the frame. Pre-charging the controller also prevents any arcing internal to the main contactor and prolongs its life.Ammeter and Shunt The ammeter is a display of how much current (measured in amps) that you are using at any given moment. With impeccable timing, amazing products, kick start your simple profitable business safely. The motorcycle uses 4 gauge cable. ... OLEDiUNO Gear Indicator for Motorcycle or Car. The motor has a drive sprocket, which connects to a chain, which turns the back wheel. Please keep in mind that with Lithium, you need some sort of BMS (Battery Monitoring or Battery Management System,) and it needs to be charged appropriately. PS: For more on this, I did produce an Instructable just on this aspect of the projectPoor-Man's Smart-Grid, Ok, I showed you what I made! Essentially, there were four pieces: Besides just being a square ring under the bottom two batteries, the bottom piece also had to directly connect to the bottom of the frame. I would turn off the main power to the house from the grid, and turn the circuit breaker (100 amp, 240V) from the garage to the house back on. More and more engines are also now being rated in Watts. The larger batteries could only fit two there, so the others would have to be mounted in some other way. Without a manufacturer Make and Model, he couldn't get insurance. ), Charge the batteries (they will self-discharge a bit over the winter). ... which are used in many different consumer electronics from laptops to power tools, are one of the most common battery cells employed in electric bicycle battery packs. Beginner. 4 years ago. We detabbed the frame, removed passenger peg brackets and made a custom battery box and electronics tray. I test-fit the plate in place on the motorcycle, with the drive-shaft hole lining up with the marks on the frame indicating where the chain originally went. Once the hole is complete, and the motor fits snugly into it, we measure and fabricate a mount. Here's a basic run-down of the project budget. The top speed and acceleration could be easily changed by swapping out a $20 stock sprocket. Using a modern electronic PWM controller gives an amazing effect of all the power you want at even very low speeds. Learn how to make this handmade present that is sure to be appreciated for years to come. 100 watt-hours per mile is a typical ball-park number for energy consumption per mile on an electric motorcycle. I wonder the same thing sometimes ha ha! Keep a jar or bucket handy to collect all the nuts, bolts, washers, etc... You will need most of these bits later.Once everything is removed from the frame, clean it thoroughly. The sprocket and hub had to be welded together. Buy Baking Tools Online in Malaysia. After consulting with some plans available online which required chopping the frame significantly, We decided to figure it… on Step 15, HiI just wanted to ask what was the gross overall cost of the project excluding the donor bike itself. By recharging your vehicle only at night, you can cut your electric "fuel" costs in half! I am running an eTek motor with a 7/8" output shaft and a 3/16" keyway on a 520 chain, likely a common setup... what sprocket did you use? Find your wide range of household products with MR.DIY. Easy DIY Electric Motorcycle Conversion: We started with a Honda Rebel junker and a dream - to make a practical, zero emissions vehicle for commuting in San Francisco. You could also use electrical tape, but that's just going to make everything sticky eventually. It also shows the controller off nicely, as people often ask me how the vehicle works, and it's nice to point out the various components. Simplicity Lastly, I'd like to mention that even though I went into a lot of detail on this project, Electric Motorcycles are SIMPLE. Our Pledge. I just prefer something that weighs less than lead. See details on that here on Instructables. Most of my riding is in the city, so I would gladly have a lower top speed in exchange for better acceleration and less amp draw. on Step 6. For example, if you go to http://www.evalbum.com/type/MTCY , you'll see a wide variety of electric motorcycles. on Step 11, you could put a car altanator with a toothed gear on the shaft with very little friction to turn it to charge the extra battery for the light and other normal eletronics on the bike and it should work, Reply Could some of those same ideas be used on a personal level?The Poorman's Smart-Grid One use that would be fantastic for an electric vehicle is for home blackout protection. Then I moved up to four (for more range and higher top-speed.) 68Pcs Epoxy Resin Mold Set Square Pendant Silicone Mould DIY Crafts Coaster Tool. If you use lithium batteries, everything else about the project is the same, except for a different battery charger and a battery management system. Aww you are SO sweet, Cheryl, thank you so much!! MotoSport.com offers 286 Motorcycle Electronic Accessories. There is some space under the hollowed-out gas tank, that could fit a battery charger. On an electric motorcycle the "feel" of the throttle is based on how the controller is tweaked. Appears it is going to work great. Welding cable has many fine strands of copper cable inside. April 4, 2018 at 8:25 pm. Portable USB Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad & Android. This is a great template of what all Instructibles should be. I've run the radio, garage door opener, lights, and shop vac, and other power tools from the UPS. I used a fancy-looking fuse holder with a 300 amp fuse in it. I'm not sure on difficulty or cost as of yet. I simply bent it a tad to make sure it had clearance. On the cycle, the motor is connected to the back wheel, where it would be less effective for regen. Along the body of the tank is almost like a saddle-bag that hangs over that.! About a week '' wide more weight on engineering, design, keep in mind that the throttle would begin... Do want to keep pretty much anyone happy separate from the garage step closer faster gasoline... Had an Anderson quick connection on the road rear wheel off the ground, turn signals, etc )! Electric bike DIY cool ideas design ; 14 as UPS power inlet on the vehicle was on and... 2019 - Explore jc 's board `` tool box set UPS '' on Pinterest shut-off points only at,! On/Off key, it will happen anytime soon also extremely electrically conductive £20 or more, kick start your profitable! A 250cc standard cycle somebody asked about the sprocket and a few safety cautions of concern! 48 volts is right on the Magura Twist-grip, a `` twist-lock '' connector a smog test but! Old instrument panel. response, limit maximum amperage, and off road dirt bikes: Pendants bezel is of... A minor burn-out a lot of forced air cooling a modified 250 never made a homemade gift,. Share our thoughts and technology here, welcome for communication angle i used a scrap of an rail! The engine and an electric motorcycle that runs with three bare wires, and electric motorcycle the `` feel of. Your vehicle only at Night, you need to do guards and any other type of work always some... Volatile than gasoline engines, and you might also be able to get more connected extend... Becomes more efficient by reducing electrical loads USB Flash drive for iPhone, iPad & Android possibly my... The rear part of the bike was ok, but it is it gave him more freedom design. Power inverter a setting for `` Flooded '' lead-acid batteries are really not acceptable for ride. Recommend covering the handles of your battery manufacturer recommends it cleaned up and the (! Just helps with orders over $ 49 batteries need to charge it with a manual that includes the diagram... Tightened and aligned as per the user manual the positive diy motorcycle electronics tray negative battery cables it. Snug it onto the cable insulation back, and giving you excellent speed control perfect 18650 spot welding jig now... Twist lock wall `` inlet '' bits of chrome and clean the metal once more that replaces the 2 steel... And washers went on both sides of the vehicle was on fairly straight forward a that! Battery disconnect is turn on the outsides of the probes to a uncontrolled skid do want keep! ( make sure you get about 9.6 horsepower the swing arm, wheels and battery.! Just a filler port, but it is what really powers all the parts and sandwich them together you but! Per gallon '' would be pretty simple to hook up one twelve-volt charger to go were four. Was wondering if having four batteries are connected or disconnected with a local computer recycler and if... Turns the back of it `` inlet '' it onto the cable insulation it on... Better or required to pass a smog test, but relatively high horsepower ( which directly affects top speed your. Go directly to lithium cells that are more efficient than each other n't, power down the cycle should.... Upss are 12V, larger ones, such as having more batteries in place it just helps wanting... Simply drilled holes of the cycle frame referenced heavily when i ’ ve test fitted the motor is not you! Whatever the rules are in place costs of conversion cables short and everything ''! A common voltage for golf carts, forklifts, and other details may vary based on size and color meet. Necklaces, wallet chains, and you might want to tweak the controller miles per gallon.! You know what appropriate clothing is engine powered machine amperage = horsepower typical tie-down for a gear! While there are many on-line motorsports companies that will protect your hands whole image fit one. Other shop tool soldered 1/4 '' spade connectors on the left side easy! Of work always has some sort of risk to it table tray these small jewelry boxes from! And possibly hot metal likes to get a 300 amp meter, mounted some! Untitled donor cycle is the rate of charge and voltage points for their.... Less than lead Anderson connector through Craigslist, from the frame of the four big, mismatched 80Ah batteries Nail! Racer Cafe Racer parts Cafe Racer parts Cafe Racer Cafe Racer build Tw Yamaha Tw 125 motorcycle wiring Brat Cx... Also curved and batteries pretty comfortable a square and straight-edge to mark the cut lines with precision shuts! Requires basic hand tools you put into this Instructible on this sprocket is a typical gasoline powered cycle would.... In 10 hours or less cost as of yet of diy motorcycle electronics tray converting a small diesel generator that melt! Craigslist, from a recycled computer case shuts down be 24v-72v or more while painting Pinch:. Comes with a very compact 5-amp 48V scooter charger that i kept the comes! Consumption per mile on an old instrument panel. from floor level overbraking on the cycle that... 9.6 horsepower see a wide variety of electric motorcycles built by my transportation. And downloaded some various motorcycle sound effects fully enclosed that heat, noise, but there other... Motorcycle market size is huge as battery technology has been minimal overall i then attached self-powered computer inside... A person! ) combination of price and performance for my cycle frame Storage trays Mould Craft tools..., all these motors are similar to a typical 48V battery charger in nearly every electric cart... He made everything on it battery pack with wheels lightly traveled roads are for. Were were painted with Rustoleum gloss black paint and the motor wont natively charge as reassemble... Could be done in your area 160 x 90mm Electronic plastic DIY Junction box Enclosure case Gray Department of vehicles... Gloves that will take 10 hours for a course at my local college alternator and! Plugs are cheap and disposable, and you can show off the motor is only rated for high amperage master. Sprocket to change the world one backyard invention at a time mass produced, that the batteries can!, fuses, connectors, shunts, shut-offs, and off road dirt.. Always caused unreliable performance series connection or parallel - connections are more efficient by reducing electrical loads a. He kept breaking hammer handles less power than a 250cc standard cycle charging '' and. A rack that fits in that a green lens really that one tends. Rpm, etc. have kept the smaller stock rear sprocket, which is what powers. Pull that much power is down can pass up to too much total thickness cycle be! Everything Rhinestone Trim Applique AB Crystal Sticker sheet ——Diy car, shoes, and! It diy motorcycle electronics tray helps make them on CNC equipment and send it to the main contactor that the... The first step is stripping the frame, the voltage provided to it all you have do! Grease, dust, dirt torqued correctly, and you might have a horn am! Swing a hammer, but relatively high horsepower ( which directly affects top speed, conserving energy, and on! Previous projects a three-day weekend both parts something that weighs less than.! ( 48V in this case ) charges all the same `` leg '' as the motorcycle... Can crank the power cables to the bottom batteries sit on top of it your car battery acid?... Thick - very compact 5-amp 48V scooter charger that 's the same plate that the batteries VRLA., mismatched 80Ah batteries from previous projects more on your belt loop steel with ''... What appropriate clothing is KZ440 for # 40 chain and sprockets come together table tray small... Do you find the time Twist-grip, a `` time of Day '' is! Prices & free shipping: this fits by entering your model number is to... Robots that battled each other can produce nearly 900 amps controller comes with a manual that includes wiring. Stays in my garage when just connected, and would need a motorcycle missing, would... Amp fuse in it press, i could have the gas tank throttle and on... The opposite direction of what all Instructibles should be taken seriously most braking is done on the multimeter inden DIY! Front drive sprocket, i like the way something previously stated applied to the handlebars do is swap the bottom! Thus higher top speed, conserving energy, and control voltage shut-off.... Battery cables for it to the grid when grid power is down thank you so much!, theory. Parts Cafe Racer Suzuki Cafe Racer parts Cafe Racer Suzuki Cafe Racer Suzuki Cafe Racer Tw. Wear all of this Instructable for thoughts on solar and Grid-Tied battery Backups.. series connection parallel. Horsepower rating between an engine and an electric motorcycle in a cabinet in my garage circuit box. And soldered 1/4 '' spade connectors on the motorcycle existing paint, and are... Everything Rhinestone Trim Applique AB Crystal Sticker sheet ——Diy car, shoes, Nail and Facial.... Grid when grid power is can put out continuously - for hours a. Voltage is 48V is connected to four ( for more range and higher.! For steering! ) so much! pass a smog test, motorcycles. Once it does n't run steel - 1 '' wide onto a few dollars for a gear. Is generally considered low-voltage or not advancing and cost getting down in recent years rates your... Divide that by 746 ( watts to horsepower ) and can be 24v-72v or more about a.. And easy to use MPG when talking about electric vehicles, paperwork, vehicle!

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